2011 Summer Featured Designer: Ms Zhuang

LOOKPAST was founded by Ms.Zhuang.
As a Ink painter, Zhuang like to paint Chinese Ink Element to Clothing, such as Skirts, Shirt, Bags or other media.
She perfer old fashion, prefer Chinese Cuture, prefer coarse cloth, prefer Natural colors.

LOOKPAST is original desginer brand for Old Fashion created by Zhuang.. It focus on old-fashion cloth(or handmade cloth, coarse cloth), such as Flax, Linen, Cotton, etc. and prefered Natural colors..
Exactly, LOOKPAST is “Look Past, See Future”..
LOOKPAST is Slower waler rather than Fast Fashion.
Zhuang wants to bring all her dream, passion, talent and her whole life to LOOKPAST.

Ink Paint, Embroidery, Ethic, Chinese wind as serval main elements of LOOKPAST.

LOOKPAST update new fashion topic each month.
Each topic like story, like poem.
Zhuang’s hearts might bring you some inspiration for your life.

“Look past, See Future; Like Story, Like Poem”.

For more LOOKPAST items, plesae click:

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