eva howitz and frieder weissbach are the designers behind howitzweissbach, an international fashion label from leipzig, germany. they work conceptionally with a unique style to produce clothes, shoes, stockings and accessories from luxurious fabrics and materials. the products are exclusively manufactured here in germany under socially responsible conditions.

howitzweissbach are inspired by surrounding artists, designers, photographers and musicians. they work closely with select artistic partners, and value that their partners are able to freely work within their specialized fields to support and advance their work.

EVA HOWITZ was born in Rostock in 1982 and took her Abitur in Dresden. During a six months stay in London she discovered her interest in fashion and design. After several internships with a fashion designer and a men’s tailor in Dresden she began to study fashion design at the School of Art and Design Giebichenstein in Halle in 2002. During that time she added to her practical experience by working as an intern for Walter van Beirendonck in Antwerp for six months. She regularly participated in fashion shows and designed fi ve mini collections. In2008 she graduated summa cum laude and her diploma collection „24-12“ was nominated for the Baltic Fashion Award in 2009. She lives and works in Leipzig.

FRIEDER WEISSBACH was born in Stollberg, Saxony in 1975. After taking his Abitur in Chemnitz in 1995 and a short excursion into medicine he discovered his interest for art and design. So in 2000 he began to study at the School for Art and Design Giebichenstein in Halle. After taking two years of industrial design he started a project in the fashion department and later, after a time of studying both subjects, decided to switch to fashion altogether.During this time he gathered much experience working on diverse projects and fashion shows to which he added with an internship of several months with Viktor&Rolf, Amsterdam.

He graduated with summa cum laude in 2008 and lives and works in Leipzig.


Mae is a fashion designer freelance based in pattern cutting.  She make different garments for different people, following her philosophy “let’s forget all the problems around us, let’s be ourselves and feel good”. Which means, I just ask the fabric, and know when, where and why they want the garment and which are the parts of their body that they love, and the ones they don’t like so much. From that point Mae make a garment with makes both of us feel good.


Vega Wang

1985 Born in Liaoning, China.
1995 Move to Shenzhen with parents.
2003 Graduates from International Art & Design Foundation in Chichester College in Chichester, UK.
2005 Graduates from Foundation Degree Fashion Design in London College of Fashion. London.
2008 Graduates from BA Fashion Design Womenswear in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.
2008 Collaboration with ELMIN8 (Company of EL). Presents 1st Collection [INTO THE DEEP] on CSM Press Show, London.
2008 Return to China. Found brand SFORZANDO by VEGA ZAISHI WANG in Xiamen.
2009 Presents 2nd Collection 09-10A/W [LONELINESS STAYS FOREVER].

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“RICOSTRU”, was founded by a team of innovative designers under “MANCHIT AU DESIGN SPACE”, which is belongs to a Chinese fashion designer – Manchit Au , in 2011.

RICOSTRUZIONE – the origin of the name of our brand in Italian, has a meaning of Reconstruction, which is also the concept behind “RICOSTRU”. It not only reflects the faith of our team in developing our brand and determination to become timeless; it also represents the uniqueness of ideas in each and every individual as well as the power of construction.

The philosophy of our design is”Return”, to return to the essential of clothing – “Caring” .With a focus of “Low-Carbon”, our garments are comfortable to touch yet rich in detail, ordinary yet sophisticated to spread the word of “Love” and “Care”.

The theme of our style is “Luxury Basic”. Our timeless style will have a fresh, simple, elegant, and sophisticated taste to it with an emphasis on detail, tailoring, and quality.

“RICOSTRU” will carry on its own philosophy in designing and faith in creativity; bringing you most latest and premium items.

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