Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dresss evolutionism

Beautiful cheongsam code of you

Chinese cheongsam,

I can not describe its beauty within the words that I know. Are you ready to find one beautiful cheongsam for yourself?

Vintage cheongsam:

  The vintage cheongsam with traditional patterns is really suitable for the women who are in classical style. Generally, these women are rigorous, dignified and elegant. They would not like to change the style of cheongsam what they like. Traditional collar and sleeve, vintage embroideries with top-level materials suit for the women. In spite of the body shape, all the women with that characteristic could try vintage cheongsam.

Modern Chinese cheongsam:

   Pumped into large number of innovations, modern Chinese cheongsam leads Chinese fashion. For example, a sleeveless cheongsam that made of jean, mixed both traditional cheongsam craft and trendy factors. The women who pursuit fashion could try this type of cheongsam. It can hold the sense of young, meanwhile add some elegant sense. Nowadays, modern cheongsam has little restriction for material using. But some materials that are too soft and too thin to use for modern girls, especially for young people.

Fancy cheongsam

   In cheongsam family, that cheongsam with big embroideries and broad sleeve is suitable for these people who work as a actor or actress. An art sense is conveyed by this type of cheongsam. For sure, fancy cheongsam can not just adopt one type of materials, It could be mixed by cotton, silk, hemp and leather. Fancy cheongsam has broad collar, casual color on the surface. Perhaps, add a pair of earings would be better for wearing this beautiful cheongsam.

Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress

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