Extreme beauty-Chinese vintage cheongsam dress

Extreme beauty-Chinese vintage cheongsam dress

Delicate and meticulous color, vintage and luxury veins decoration, magnificent and charming hem. They are the inevitable factors for Chinese cheongsam dress, not only vintage cheongsam, but also modern Chinese cheongsam.

Extreme beauty-Chinese vintage cheongsam dress

1st on the left: Mysterious beauty

Mysterious flavor comes out by the red silk vintage cheongsam, noble symbol that means luck with special flowers on the cheongsam, creating an picture that a fairy was thinking.

2nd on the left: Spokesman of elegance

Elegant sense created by noble red, yellow and snow white, matching with delicate edge of the Chinese cheongsam dress, an elegant bride with a little bit literary feeling on the picture.

The one on the right: Pure and fresh

Got the inspiration from flying Apsaras with unconventional clipping, luxury material mixed with creative design perfectly, delivers the pure beauty and fresh sense of oriental bride. For this modern Chinese cheongsam, we can treat it as a symbol of new style.

Extreme beauty-Chinese vintage cheongsam dress

Elegant red rhyme

Fair red mixed with luxury yellow, created an fancy dream for oriental bride. Chinese classical dermatoglyphic pattern dotted on the cheongsam dress, a noble bride image comes to life.

Extreme beauty-Chinese vintage cheongsam dress

Left one: Vintage blue

Elegant and vintage blue for the vintage cheongsam always gives people a full-tasting elegance. Chinese patterns on the surface grants the Chinese cheongsam dress palace style, noble and dignified.

Right one: Royal style

Vintage peony pattern full of traditional elegance, Silk and satin were tailored more vivid. Bride in this simple modern Chinese cheongsam could be filled with Chinese national feeling.

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