Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dresss evolutionism

Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress’s evolutionism

Lee Bingbing, a Chinese actress, put herself through the mill during recent several years, becomes more and more famous. And she mastered lots of tips about costume. Audiences are attracted by her elegant and fresh feelings when she in modern cheongsam dress. For now, let’s appreciate the photos from her for recent public activities.

Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress

Full of special sense, the lace improved Chinese qipao puts Li Bingbing onto the stage that can show her elegance and classicality. Charming blue embroideries perfectly embroidered on the surface, with the situation that beautiful legs are partly hidden and partly visible, so sexy and graceful there is.


Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress

Snow white, noble and beautiful cheongsam with charming body shape of Lee Bingbing, a scene of fariy coming up to be here. Delicate white petals design for the whole dress, guarantees the unique beauty of female in the pure white color.

Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress

Modern wine with special design for wasit, get the modern Chinese cheongsam more upmarket. Lee fully express her oriental sexy.

Li Bingbing in modern cheongsam dress

The V-collar design with tassel material, makes Lee a noble and cool princess. Lee seems like a liberalist who would like to express her own feelings by extraordinary costume. This type of modern Chinese cheongsam is rare to see. So the price of it might be really expensive.

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