Modern qipao gets hot in Hollywood

Modern Chinese qipao gets hot in Hollywood

In Biohazard 5, Bingbing Lee shocks the audience with her sexy red qipao. When the poster of Biohazard came out, Bingbing has beaten the other actress in this movie called Meara.

Modern red and tight qipao, is studded with lots of golden flowers and butterflies, slender legs of her are exposed perfectly. Cool black holster matches with black high-heeled shoes that  shock audience’s eyes so seriously.

It attributed to Chinese qipao dress that infuses oriental factors into international movies environment. Bingbing has both elegant feelings of oriental woman and wild feeling of western ladies. With the unique making up, audience finds that Bingbing are so professional when she fights side by side with Meara in this movie.

So, lots of signs show that modern Chinese qipao has gotten their own market in show biz. It is a niche market for qipao suppliers.

Modern qipao gets hot in Hollywood

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