REDSHOP original douppioni pure silk daily improved short type Qipao dress

According to my memories, Qipao should be full-length and with low slits extending at most to knee. In this way, Qipao wearer looked a little reserved while taking her mincing steps. What’s most worth with appreciating is the Qipao tailored with pure jacquard crepe-back satin whose color can be bluish white, blackish green or pearl grey……The fabrics should be lubricating and sparkling. However, instead of being too dazzling, the lustre should be like that of jade. Qipao wearer needs to have a comely oval face and have her hair carefully tied into a bun. Besides, the jade hairpin and jade bracelet should shine with warm and humid lustre. That kind of female is reserved, elegant and pretty. There are signs that she is well-educated and nurtured in a literary family. No matter moving or being quiet, she always looks like a traditional Chinese painting, genteel and refined.

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